• 박정현(Lena Park) Park Junghyun
    • パク・チョンヒョン
    • 朴正炫
    • 출생(Birthday) : 1976년 03월 23일 ( March / 23 / 1976 )
    • 고향(HomeTown) : 미국(United States of America)
    • 나이(Age) : 47 세 (만46세)
    • 성별(Sex) : 여성 (female)
    • 별자리(Star sign) : 양자리(Aries)
    • (Chinese zodiac sign) : 용띠(Dragon)

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    • 직업(Job) : 가수(singer)
    • 조회수(count) :

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    • 신체(Body size) : 150cm, 44kg
    • 혈액형(Blood type) : A형 (Type A)
    • 별명(Nickname) : 할머니
    • 취미(Hobbies) : 요리, 바느질, 책보기
    • 특기(Talent) : 껌씹기, 머리카락 만지기
    • 소속(Company) : 티엔터테인먼트
    • 좌우명(Motto) : 바쁘게, 절대 후회없게 살자
    • 데뷔(Debut) : 1998년 1집 앨범 [Piece]
    • 이상형(Ideal type) : 유머감각이 뛰어나고, 말이 잘통하는 사람, 약간 마르고 키크며 선한 남자
    • 좋아하는 음식(Favorite foods) : 껌, 단음식
    • 사이트(Site) :
    • Naver
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      대학교 : 컬럼비아대학교 영문학과

      2011년 2012 서울 핵안보정상회의 홍보대사
      2011년 LG유플러스 LTE 명예홍보대사

      2011년 MBC 방송연예대상 가수부문 인기상
      2011년 MBC 방송연예대상 쇼/버라이어티부문 특별상
      2011년 제12회 대한민국 국회대상 올해의 대중음악상
      2011년 제4회 스타일 아이콘 어워즈 본상
      2002년 코리안뮤직어워드 진정한 라이브가수 선정
      2002년 m.net 뮤직비디오 페스티벌 R&B부문 최우수상
      2002년 제13회 서울가요대상 R&B부문 특별상
      2002년 대한민국 영상 음반 대상 골든디스크 골든비디오부문 PAVV 홈시어터 인기상
      1994년 L.A. Classical Jazz Festival 출연자 선발대회 최우수 보컬리스트 상
      1994년 IMTA(Internatinal Modeling & Talent Association) Conference 광고연기상, 가창상 수상
      1993년 GBC Gospel Singer Contest 대상
      1989,1990년 Downey Way Outer Broadway Talent Contest 보컬부문 대상

      The daughter of a pastor at a Korean congregation in Los Angeles, Park Jung-hyun,
      also known as Lena Park, started showing talent in performance, especially
      gospel singing and ballet, when she was very young. At age 16, the
      Korean-American singer released an amateur gospel album and seven years
      later in 1998 she came to Korea to begin her career as a professional singer
      while also mastering the Korean language, a goal she hoped to achieve before
      turning 25.
      Her first album "Piece," mostly composed of R&B ballads, sold over 300,000
      copies in 1998, when the Korean pop music industry was in its slump in the
      wake of the Asian financial crisis. Park eventually ranked among the top
      K-pop divas that are characterized by outstanding singing ability rather
      than mere attractiveness, and her sweet yet powerful voice earned her the
      nickname "Little fairy of R&B." However, her later albums, "A Second
      Helping" and "Naturally," both of which sold over 400,000 copies, proved her
      music was not confined to R&B. She has experimented with soul, gospel, jazz
      to rock, funky and trip-hop. Park, musically and emotionally inspired by U2
      and Bono, says her ultimate goal is to fuse the genres to one album color.
      In 2002, Park participated in making the official album of the 2002 Korea
      Japan FIFA World Cup with Korean duo Brown Eyes, Japanese duo band Chemistry
      and Japanese singer Sowelu. The six artists sang "Let's Get Together" at the
      opening ceremony of the 2002 World Cup Games in Seoul and also performed
      together at an official World Cup concert at the Tokyo dome as well as at
      the World Cup closing ceremony. With this rare opportunity, Park faced
      potential to move into Northeast Asian markets such as Japan, Hong Kong and
      Taiwan. Park consequently released her Op.4 album the same year and in 2003
      her first live album entitled "Live Op.4 Concert Project Fourth Movement The
      Album." Versatility best describes Park. Although she has written only a few
      of the songs in her albums, her ultimate goal is to become a
      singer-songwriter. She also wants to write literature, her "long-time

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