• 지아 Ji A
    • 출생(Date of birth) : 1989년 02월 03일 ( February / 03 / 1989 )
    • 고향(HomeTown) : 중국 후난성 뤄디(China 후난성 뤄디)
    • 나이(Age) : 33 세 (만32세)
    • 성별(Sex) : 여성 (female)
    • 별자리(Star sign) : 물병자리(Aquarius)
    • (Chinese zodiac sign) : 뱀띠(Snake)

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    • 직업(Job) : 가수(singer)
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      10일 동안 포털사이트(Naver) 검색량

    • 소속그룹(Group) : 미쓰에이
    • 신체(Body size) : 164cm, 45kg
    • 소속(Company) : JYP엔터테인먼트 , AQ엔터테인먼트
    • 데뷔(Debut) : 2010년 미쓰에이 싱글 앨범 [Bad But Good]
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      • 학력정보(Education)
      • biography

      Female singer Zia first started gaining massive attention for her music as well as for her mystery. She was known as the "faceless singer", refusing to perform on music shows or variety programs to conceal her identity. Remaining “faceless”, Zia’s first “mini-movie” music video featured famous movie actor Shin Hyun-Joon, reportedly costing a billion won.

      She remained that way for the first year and a half. However, she eventually did make her public debut through a live performance on TV.
      However, despite her lack of in-front-of-camera activities, her music always ends up on the top tiers of major music charts. Now she's one of the more praised vocalists for her talents in tugging at people's heartstrings with her emotional vocals through her music.

      When asked why she chooses to stay low-key, she answered that she is incredibly camera shy. Not to mention, she likes to be able to live her life and go out and about without being recognized as a celebrity.
      Also whenever she did start promoting on TV performance shows, she got into a car accident. It happened in 2009 and then in her next round of promotions in 2010. She had to even be out for 2 weeks in the hospital, wrapping up her promotions early, and is left with a slight scar on her forehead to this day.

      She aspires to one day be the number one artist on music ranking TV shows as well as get over her fear of being in front of the camera.

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